Kyle received his award for losing all his square pieces to the other delegates during the Ice-Breaker game Growing Friendships.
He was unable to get any of the children to respond to his questions thus acquiring no squares and whenever approached by the others he responded yes or no to their questions thus losing all his squares.
The idea of the game is not to reply to questions and to get others to answer yes or no to yours.

Sheri had several reasons for being chosen Bush Blossom.  During the nature appreciation walk he managed to walk straight into a branch and came off second best. During Tackle the Problem activity were each team had to build a stretcher and carry a spine injured patient and then race with it, his team mates suggested that he hold the bottom of their spine board – a large piece of tree bark – at the back of the stretcher in case it slipped or moved.  His horrified response was “does that mean I will have to run backwards?”. Thirdly he gave pursuit to a grasshopper and once caught proclaimed “I caught a caterpillar!” much to the amusement of his team.

Robin Li, Republic of China received the award for having put hot chocolate powder into his mug and then accidentally filled it with orange juice which he mistook for hot water from the urn!

Akren was standing on the lawn in front of Pakendorf. His roommates asked for the keys. Instead of walking closer, he threw the keys to them…. and the key landed on the roof of Pakendorf.

Monday evening there was panic stations amongst the young ladies from Nauhaus. They can’t find the key for the room. They searched their pockets, looked everywhere and the problem is: the Office is closed and no duplicate is available.  Well, all that is left to do is for Kyle to break into the room. Fortunately he found a window that is not completely close and after a while succeeded in opening it. “Let’s find the key and keep it safe.” The young ladies searched the whole room: NO KEY!  What now. The search starts all over again – and then the key is found! Where? In the pocket of one young lady called: Urooj!

She had two jackets on, and the key was in one of the pockets of the “under-jacket”

Who is taking the Bush Blossom home?  Vietnam, AGAIN!! Most of the Bush Blossoms over the years have found the final resting place in Vietnam.

It is the last evening of the programme and we are all at the Indaba Hotel for the last event of the Cathay Wilderness Experience 2006, the Cultural Event. Bao had three CD’s which they were going to use for their cultural event. Half way through the evening, Bao discovered that the 3 CD’s have gone missing. All he could remember was that he put it on the table where the Ubungani Officers were seated. Many people could testify to that, but now they were gone. He became very frantic and started searching everywhere for it. He just about lifted up everybody’s plate looking for the CD’s. Alex tried to calm him down and let him retrace his steps. Every time the steps came back to the Ubungani Officers’ table. Waiters searched the kitchen just for in case one of them took the CD’s by mistake with the dirty plates. No luck! Then Lauren from the Indaba Hotel (who was sitting two tables away from the Officers’ table) spotted the CD’s under Bao’s small plate on the Officer’s table.