The day began with a mini Earth Summit in which delegates spoke about how each of their countries is dealing with the problem of global warming. The council members consisted of Adnan Shaikh (Pakistan), Mpho Sefo (South Africa), Lydon Smit (South Africa), Sze Nok Senia Ng of Hong Kong and  Yih-Cheng (Tina) Tai of Taiwan.

 Ubungani Wilderness Experience, in association with Cathay Pacific is passionate about protecting our planet and our natural environment. It is for this reason that the summit as well as the entire programme for this week with all its other diverse activities and opportunities have been designed by Ubungani with the aim of encouraging personal growth and care for the environment. As hoped Jaishen Gou of Republic of China expressed, “...the discussion on global warming...and protection of the environment...have taught me a lot.”

After all this was over we managed to find a lot of dirt on each of our 38 delegates and we are not afraid to reveal it! It was time for the MUD FIGHT. This activity is all about sheer fun. No matter what differences each person enters the mud with, they all leave the same!

After a good wash off in the river, delegates returned for a decent shower before going curio hunting in the shop run by the local Ndebele people. With so much variety, we were able to find special little keepsakes and plenty of colourful gifts to take home for friends and family. Mei Tung Lilian Law of Hong Kong said that she “was looking forward to it” and “I have bought many things.”

Today saw the final internationally prepared meals of the week. Lunch was prepared by The Republic of China and Taiwan and supper was a South Korean delicacy.  Meal preparation has been a very important event in each of the countries’ time at Botshabelo. The lunch menus for the week have been: Friday: Pakistan who prepared Chicken Tikka Masala, Nan Bread and Tossed Salad. Saturday was the turn of Republic of China and Taiwan who served Chicken and Rice Noodles.

Today saw Vietnam’s meal of Cha Gio (Spring Rolls), Nuoch Cham (Hot Tangy Sauce) and Dia Rau Song (Vegetable Platter). And for dinner South Korea prepared Bulgogi (Marinated sliced beef in sweet sauce), Sticky Rice, Kimchee and Chap Chee (Spicy Vegetables).

This meal was served at the sleep out, but a little later than usual since small groups gathered around fires to cook “stokbrood” (stick bread), sing and spend quality time with each other before saying good bye on Wednesday.

The weather was a bit warmer today, so sleep out seemed to have come at the right time. “I slept outside under the sky in the bushes along the Ndebele Village. I never thought I would ever get to honestly utter those words...ever!” said Lerato Malakoane of South Africa. Keeping watch over their fires, the delegates each had one hour turns to spend some time with their own thoughts. Jiajie Jessica Qiu of Republic of China felt, “I was a tiny member of this so large nature. The ground my bed and the camp fire my light.” Sze Nok Senia Ng of Hong Kong embraced the time fully, “ I thought about a lot of stuff during my shift. I really wanted to stay there the whole night.”

Our special hat was presented to Lerato Sepotokele of South Africa for not one, but TWO reasons. The first thing he did was oversleep and had to eat breakfast after everyone else was long finished. Not a good way to start the day. Then by lunch time Lerato was ready for blunder number two. Holiness Mbem of South Africa wanted to sleep a little before lunch and had asked Lerato to wake her in time. When Hanneke discovered someone was absent from lunch only then did Lerato remember Holiness!

Lydon Smit of South Africa expressed what we all experienced, “ We all got together by the fire to experience a tour around Vietnam for a while.” It was great.